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Membership Medallion with wooden stand and case


Membership Medallion with wooden stand and case.

The Membership Medallion is cast brass and bronze alloy depicting the principles of the Order; Charity, Unity and Fraternity. On the obverse side Charity is featured with a decade of the rosary, similar to a pocket rosary. Unity is represented in the cross. On the reverse side the principle of Fraternity is represented in a replica relief of the Father McGivney Chalice which was created on the 100th Anniversary of then Father McGivney’s death. It reminds one of the Fraternity of Eucharist. On side is an acknowledgement of Knights of Columbus respect for the priesthood with the words, “In Solidarity with our Priests.”

There is a limited amount of stock available. There are no plans to replenish this stock, so order today for a lifelong keepsake.


Each packaged in a velvet drawstring bag with the Knights of Columbus logo in gold.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

language: French