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Communion Linen Sets


Knights of Columbus Communion Linen Set

Give a blessing to your church with our Easy Care Communion Linens bearing the KofC Cross and your choice of the Emblem of the Order or the Emblem of the Fourth Degree on the outer Carrier.

Each Set Includes:

Corporal: 22” x 22” with 3” cross, serves as pure white protective place settings for Eucharistic vessels and elements

Purificator: 12” x 12” with 1 ¼” cross,  to clean the chalice rim and interior

Chalice Pall: 7” x 7” with 2” cross, stiffened with durable plastic liner,  covers chalice to protect consecrated wine

Lavabo Towel:  11" x 17" with 1 ¼” cross, dries celebrant's hands at the ritual of cleansing that initiates communion rites. 

Made with poly-rayon blend, machine embroidered and made patriotically in the USA

Machine washable, wrinkle resistant, shrink-proof

Your choice of Emblem of the Order or 4th Degree

Emblem Choice: KofC Emblem