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Saint Francis of Assisi Shining Light Doll


Saint Francis of Assisi Shining Light Doll - LIMITED INVENTORY!

Teach your children about the passionate love of Saint Francis of Assisi! Introduce the story of Saint Francis of Assisi using the educational insert in the box. Introduce children to the centuries old tradition of devotions and encourage them to think about what parts of their faith speak to them the most. Great for opening discussions about love, faith, traditions and devotions.

Key Features:

Brings the Saints to life in your child’s heart and imagination through developmentally healthy open-ended play.

Grows with your child; safe for babies and toddlers, and continues to engage preschool and school age children with imaginative play centered around the “characters” of their Faith.

Exceeds safety requirements for children of all ages- including those under 3.

Every doll comes in a beautiful collectible quality box, complete with educational insert full of fun facts!

Slightly over 3.5” tall

Nothing to break or lose!  Durable, lightweight, single piece construction.


Comes packaged in a white organza drawstring bag with Knights of Columbus emblem.